2000-2008 35-piece Complete Sacagawea Dollar Set

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Price: $349.00
Item Number: NK6089

This rare complete set of Sacagawea dollars has the regular issue coins as well as the special Proof coins and satin finish coins not released for circulation. From a numismatic point of view they were the first in a new type of dollar golden dollar. They are the first coins to have a real Native American on them and the first circulating coins to have two real people on them. The coins are rare because the Government spent $67 million dollars promoting Sacagawea dollars, the government wanted us to use dollar coins rather than dollar bills because it is far cheaper for them. The average dollar bill only lasts eight months versus 20 years for a coin. When these first came out in the year 2000 people started hording them rather than spending them. This is why each year the mint has produced fewer and fewer coins. There were more coins struck at the Philadelphia and Denver mints in the first year of issue 2000, than for all the next 33 coins combined. This is the final year of issue for Sacagawea dollars. Starting in 2009 they will be issued in limited edition format with a different reverse design each year. This collection has all 35 coins issued with the original design. Youll get all of the P mint coins, all of the D mint coins, all of the Proof coins struck at San Francisco. These eight proof coins were never released for circulation and are only available as part of annual U.S. Mint proof sets struck in limited quantities just for collectors. Most of the sets we handle just have the P, D & S mint coins. These sets are much better because they are complete and feature the special burnished, satin finish coins. These coins were not released for circulation and look very different from regular Sacagawea dollars.  We only have a handful of these special 35-coin complete sets that are missing absolutely nothing. All the coins are mint fresh brilliant uncirculated and are individually encapsulated for protection. The collection is housed in a custom red oak display and has a certificate of authenticity. 

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