We welcome your feedback about our products and services. We are posting a few testimonials to give you an idea about what you can expect from a relationship with the Westminster Mint.

1 Ounce Silver Bars

They are beautiful!

Margaret L

I ordered 3 1oz. silver bars just before Christmas in hopes that they would get here in time for presents. They did!!!! They are beautiful! I wanted to thank you for your great service!

10 Ounce Silver Bars- Westminster Mint Lion Reverse design

Very Nice Product...But

Henry F. (Rancho Palos Verdes, CA)

We ordered 13 of these bars and when we received them they were packed in such a way that they rubbed against each other....additionally the serial numbers were not sequential and not in a sheet of 10 as other mints sell there 10oz. bars. We understand the 3 extra bars but the 10 should have been sent as a sheet. Not any of the bars we received were even close with the serial numbers. We have to assume these were sell backs and we were the unlucky buyers to get them. Additionally they were sealed in the cheapest possible plastic when compared to other Mints we have bought from since. I would like to be clear these bars are "beautiful" and we would have purchased more but the lack of consideration when purchasing 13 bars at one time and Westminster Mint sending us their (what we consider) leftovers we have moved on to other suppliers as we do not wish to be treated in this manner. Just be sure when ordering multiples you request sequential numbering. This is what we were told when we called back after receiving our order and they apologized for the poor packaging of the bars. Again the bars are "beautiful" but little to no respect was shown to this order.

Hi. I just want to tell you how pleased I am with your service and prices, which is why I've come back to you time and again for the part couple years. Just a general pat on the back. I just read through some of the complaints you've resolved on your very transparent bbb link on the page. Great job. I've only had one mix-up and it was my own fault, for not reading the return policy when I first started with you and tried to return a couple eagles. And you're always really good when I'm checking in on shipping if it's taking a couple days too long.

So thanks again. Looking forward to more.

Mark Heeter.

Silver Bullion Rounds
Great looking bullion round
When I got this I said WOW KOOL! I'm going to buy more. I'm not rich but I'm going to buy more. The only thing I didn't like was the shipping. 15days window?? Too long for me. But you know what, it's worth it.

Mexican Libertads
D Pensker
These are beautiful!

Roll of Silver American Eagles
Oh my, these rolls are so low priced right now! I have to buy another roll. Great packaging, Thanks WM!!

MS70 Silver Eagle Early Release NGC Graded
You get MS70 Perfection much cheaper at Westminster than other on line sellers. These are a good deal right now. Put a few back for the kids and grand kids. You'll be glad you did.

Silver Bullion Rounds-Silver dollar design
These are terrific! The beautiful lady on one side and the Eagle on the other is cool. The back has a stamped design which shows "1 ounce fine .999 pure silver." These are real beauties and I plan to own 10 or more per month. Thanks for your fair prices and good service Westminster Mint..


Silver Bullion Round-Morgan dollar design
Great Design....
J Caywood Jr
Bring out the goods !! This is a very shiny, detailed round , Thanks Westminister!

Silver Bullion Rounds
Great !!
JJ Caywood Jr
Great detail, beautiful design....another great buy ! Thanks

Silver Bullion Round-Morgan dollar design
M Ferguson
The Westminster Mint has outdone themselves again with these beautiful one troy ounce silver Morgan Rounds. Adding 10 or 100 of these will make you a happy investor esp. at today's low silver prices. These are fine works of art. Thanks Westminster!!!

Silver Rounds- American Silver Eagle Design (New Design)
Look great
S Barnett
I got my first 10 over the weekend. Once I fill the tube I will move onto other designs and sizes. Excellent!

Silver Rounds Winged Liberty Design
Gorgeous! A real throwback!
Just like the Morgan and Peace designs, the Mercury design should appeal to those who, like myself, have a real penchant for nostalgia. Beautiful craftsmanship and quality, and a fantastic price to boot.

Silver Bullion Round-Morgan dollar design
Another great one!

Along with the Peace Dollar, the Morgan was also a large part of the childhood coin collection that I still have after 40 years. Only now, I've added these beautiful and inexpensive .999 Morgan rounds to compliment the Morgan Silver Dollars. Can't go wrong with the beauty, craftsmanship, quality and price.

Silver Bullion- Saint-Gaudens design
Nice rounds.
B. Hancock
Shows really nice detail. Has low premium for a very nice round.
Titanic 1 oz Silver Bullion Rounds
B Hancock
Overall extremely nice round. Packaging good. Shipped fast.

Silver Bullion Rounds
Peace Dollar
B Hancock
Very nicely done for a low premium round.

Silver Bullion - 911 10th Anniversary
911 anniversary
Brendle Hancock(BROKEN ARROW, OK)
Obverse very nicely done. Reverse side appears the die was cracked.

Silver Bullion Rounds
Still love this design after all these years
This is one of the few designs I REALLY love. It sure brings back some fond memories, considering my grandmother gave me her coin collection consisting of many Peace Dollars some 40 years ago. The attraction remains, and getting it in flawless bullion form is absolutely outstanding, especially considering the price. Will keep on buying!

Silver Bullion Rounds-Silver dollar design
The Busted Lady Silver Coins
Outstanding Coins!

Silver Bullion Round-Morgan dollar design
The Silver Dollar Coins
Outstanding Coins!

Titanic 1 oz Silver Bullion Rounds
Titanic Coins
Outstanding Coins! Beautiful finish, and great packaging, and fast shipping.

Westminster Mint 1 oz Silver Bars
Great Product
Just began my bullion investment and purchased 2 of these as a good starting point. Order was processed quickly and received a day before the estimated delivery. Had a question regarding my order which was professionally handled and promptly answered with out any issues. Highly recommend for a great product, received each separately packaged in a clear, heavy plastic pouch and they look identical to the photos. 5 stars, will most definitely order again.


2013 Silver Eagles
Silver Eagles
Ml Gardian
When silver hits $50.00 an ounce I'm sure gonna be happy having a few of these around. These are very beautiful and come nicely packaged. Westminster Mint has good prices on these, so I'm ready to buy more. Thanks!

Silver Rounds- American Silver Eagle Design (New Design)
Great coins
K Bradshaw
I have been buying silver for some time now from Westminster and the coins are always very very nice. This eagle coin is fantastic. I have also bought the indian head, peace dollar, mercury dime, and several ingots. The silver is always of the highest quality. I have bought silver from other places but quickly came back to westminster as they are the best by far. Karl

1/10 oz .999 Fine Silver Rounds (Silver Eagle)
P Shepard
1/10 oz .999 Fine Silver Rounds (Silver Eagle) will you be getting anymore of these this year? I would be interested in buying 500 of them

Silver Ingots 1oz
Fine .999 One Ounce Bars of Silver
E McHenry
The problem is, I buy ten, then I soon want 10 more. These are spectacular individually wrapped bars. It's so cool to get a sheet of these. When is my birthday again? I'm gonna get 10 more! Thanks Westminster!

Silver Rounds Buffalo Design
New One Ounce Indian Rounds
J.R. Roarer
Shiny and Beautiful! Thanks for the good service! A++

Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin
2013 Gold Maple Leaf
D Riprock, Jr.
With the new security feature I love these one ounce gold beauties. Awesome is the word! Will put a few more back for the future when currency begins to fade in value. It won't be long the way they are printing paper money.

10 Ounce Silver Bars - Westminster Mint
10 Ounce Silver Bars
T. A. Peterson (St. Paul, MN)
I like to buy 10 of these, band them together and use them as hand weights. I'm joking of course, but I dream of it. These bars are fantastic at a fair price. Hope to buy many more soon!!!

Silver Rounds Indian Head Design
Indian Head Rounds
J McAdams
Just got my 1st order of 10. These are great, shiny and beautiful. We Love these prices right now. Love the tubes and dividers. Going for more asap! Thanks Westminster for your great service and packaging.

2013 Silver Maple Leaf Coins
Silver Maple Leaf .999 Coins
J Winston
These are brilliantly beautiful. At under 30.00 each these are a steal. I try to buy 5 or 10 per month and use cost averaging to put these back for the future. Fiat Paper currency will eventually tumble and silver will be there of high value. Now is a great time to buy these Canadian Maple Leaf coins. Any Westminster silver coins or bars are a great investment!!!

Silver Bullion Rounds
Great Service
J. Zontok
This is the only company I deal and invest with, great coins with great prices and service!!!

2.5 Dollar Indian Head- 1 Ounce Silver Bullion Round
One Ounce Incluse Design Indian Rounds
G. T. Burton
These are a great design like those of the gold Indians which are very popular. These are easy to store and own. Silver is low right now so it's a great time to buy these beauties. Can't wait to get my next order! Thanks!

5 oz silver
5 ounce Bars
T. G. Turner
These are tremendous! Shiny, awesome bars, Thanks!

Silver Bar- 5 Ounces
5 ounce bars
J. M. Miller
Easy to store and easy to sell these are great to put away for the kids future. I try to cost average and buy 2 or 3 per month. Great bars at fair prices!

100 oz Silver-Johnson Matthey
100 Ounce Bar
B. B. Thompson, Sr.
I bought two of these and use them as hand weights! What a great investment for the future. When silver goes to 100.00 an ounce I'll sell them and go back to the gym.

10 Ounce Silver Bars
Ten Ounce Bars
E. L. Hollister
These are awesome. What more can you say, "AWESOME".

1/10 oz .999 Fine Silver Rounds (Silver Eagle)
One Tenth Silver Rounds
Homer K
These are cool, ten coins in a neat little bag. Give these to friends and relatives so they can start their own little silver collections. Awesome pretty little coins!

Silver Bullion Ingots 10oz
10 Ounce Silver Bars
A.  Davis
With the Morgan stamp on the face of these shiny beauties, you just want to show them to your friends. Great prices right now have led me to buy some of these. I know they will arrive well packaged and in a protective sleeve. These are fresh from the mint and shine like a new pennie. Buy a couple, you'll be glad you did at these present low 2011 prices.

Panda Gold Coin
One Ounce Gold Panda
J. Forsight (Rome, TX)
These are spectacular! Now is the time to buy these BU beauties. I want three! Thanks to Westminster Mint for offering such fine quality merchandise and great service.

American Gold Eagles
Gold American Eagles
Riley, Jr.
These coins are .999 pure gold and are cheap right now. Put some of these away in your lockbox as a hedge agst. inflation. You can't beat these prices, cheapest since 2011. I'm thinking of buying two, one for me and one for my son Robert. Thanks to Westminster Mint.

South African .999 Gold Kruegerrand
J. D. Williams III
The one ounce Krugerrand stands alone as one of the finest coins ever struck. With gold prices near their lows of 2011, it's a great time to put one these back for the future. If I could afford it, I'd put away 100! Westminster seems to have the lowest margins on gold coins such as this. Buy Here! MS70 Sellers.

Westminster Mint 1 oz Silver Bars
Westminster Mint One Ounce Silver Bars
K. A. Linn
These are crazy low prices right now! Under 25.00 an ounce for these beautiful bars. This is unbelievable luck for the average investor. Now is the time to buy if ever was one. We just added a bunch of ounces to our portfolio! Thanks for the low margins on these great shiny silver bars Westminster Mint!

Silver Bullion- 2013 $100 Silver Franklin Bars
Four Ounce Bars $100 Face Shown
K. A. Linn
Right now these are selling at 24.77 an ounce, less than face value. These shiny beauties are a steal. Give as a gift, give someone a lift for the future. Wow, they are so shiny too! Awesome Bars!!
4/15/2013 9:10 AM
2013 Silver Eagles
2013 Silver Eagles
K. Lincoln
How can you beat silver eagles, works of art made by the U.S. Mint for these low margins? Good prices, good service, perfect. Thanks Westminster Mint.

10 Ounce Silver Bars - Westminster Mint
10 Ounce Silver Bars
K. A. Linn
These are incredible. Shiny 10 ounce beauties! Love the Westminster Mint bars and rounds. Lowest margins in the country. That's why I buy here! Incredible Bars!

Silver Bullion Round-Morgan dollar design
Morgan vs Morgan
T. Fenscke
$50 Gold Buffalo
Gold Buffalo
K. Lincoln
The gold buffalo is true American work of art. With the Fed printing money like they are, an ounce or three of these beauties are what to buy. Gold will always go up nice over time. The Westminster Mint has the lowest margins I've found out there. You can't go wrong adding one of these gold buffaloes to your portfolio.

Silver Bullion Round-Morgan dollar design
Met my expectations
D. Stitt
Great rounds, prompt delivery and packaged very well and secure, I like that you need to sign for shipment, keeps everything legitimate, This is my first time buying from WM, look forward to many more purchases!

Silver Bar- 12 ounces With One Trillion Dollar Design (Bullion strike)
It gets your attention
I'm not crazy about the eagle design- it's more cartoon-ish and less regal than most bald eagles you see on currency or whatever- but everything else about the bar is fantastic. The back is ridiculously detailed and gorgeous. The edges around the front are the same way. It easily makes up for the mildly disappointing eagle IMO.

2013 Silver Maple Leaf (Monster Box 500 coins)
2013 Silver Canadian Maple Leaf
R. B. Louis
These are a steal at current low silver prices! The Silver Canadian Maple Leaf is one of the world's most beautiful coins. You can't go wrong putting a few of these back. Now is the time to buy and the Westminster Mint has the lowest prices on all silver rounds. Thanks to Westminster Mint and their friendly staff. Excellent customer service if you need to check on your order.

Westminster Mint 1 oz Silver Bars
Very Satisfied
M. K
I received this product today in the mail. This was my first time as a investor and besides the tiny knick in my bar, I am very impressed and will order at least 10 the next time.

Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin
One Ounce Maple Leaf
K. Lincoln
At .9999 Pure and a full troy ounce of AG, this coin is a great buy from the Westminster Mint. Their Excellent Customer Service and low margins are a boon to the average investor. I highly recommend adding a one ounce gold Canadian Maple Leaf to your Portfolio. Gold will always go up with time.

Silver Bullion Round-Morgan dollar design
What's going 'Round
M. Turner
I bought a few back in January 2013. Great rounds ! Perfect for investment or bartering. Thanks so much !
1/10 oz .999 Fine Silver Rounds (Silver Eagle)
Great Value
Great product to have for possible future bartering to protect your wealth. i.e. If you are bartering you don't have to buy stuff you don't want/need to get the value equal of items equal to one full troy oz of silver. With these you can just pay exactly what the items is worth in barter in silver. You pay a little higher now while you can, as each coin has a strike fee, but hopefully it pays off in the long run. Items shipped kinda slow (2 weeks) as it was apparently the holidays and there were a lot of orders etc... Condition of items was good, and shipped in a coin tube. One of the 30 coins I ordered was a little mis-struck on the edge, but that doesn't really concern me as I'm not buying these for their numismatic value. I believe in being prepared, and believe these to be a great asset to have for a "rainy day". Just ordered another full tube of 50, very happy with these. I also compared WM's strike fees compared with other places that make a 1/10 oz bullion coin, and WM is BY FAR one of the best that I could find anywhere online. I also really like design of these as they "look" legit and or legal tender because of the design/printing "walking liberty" etc.

Silver Bullion Rounds
Westminster Silver Rounds and Bars
A. Stillwell
Every silver round and bar is beautiful. Every silver round and bar is shiny, freshly minted and fun to look at. They are little works of art. I've looked everywhere on the internet and no one beats Westminster's price and service. Thanks Westminster!

Silver Bullion- 2013 $100 Silver Franklin Bars
Love These Bars
Very detailed bar love it!! I will start ordering more of these monthly. Very Cool and easy to store!

1/2 oz (Silver Eagle) .999 Fine Silver Rounds (Half Ounce)
Great Rounds for Bartering
M. Turner
I'm interested in the silver bullion as an investment but I'm also interested in these 1/2 oz rounds as a bartering tool if it's ever needed. These and the 1/4 and 1/10 rounds are the perfect tool for bartering.

Silver Bullion- 2013 $100 Silver Franklin Bars
The strike is acceptable, but the edge shearing is atrocious. The shear used needs adjustment or sharpening. All pieces I received had an additional .020" of material extruded making for a sharp raised edge. This is nearly one third of the material thickness!

Silver Bullion- 2013 $100 Silver Franklin Bars
very nice
S. Furusho
Nice design and detail. The initial impact is awesome. The finish is a little rough. Look at the image top left and you can see that the stamping leaves a little rough edge. Also the right edge was tapered slightly. I'm giving these to my children as gifts now that the are old enough to appreciate the value.

1/10 oz .999 Fine Silver Rounds (Silver Eagle)
Good Silver Rounds
Frank (KS)
I bought two of the 1/2 oz. SE-design silver rounds, as well as one of these 1/10 oz. ones, and I am very happy with my purchase. The coins came securely packaged and in little plastic flip holders. They appeared freshly struck and didn't show any signs of wear and tear. Bright and shiny. Reasonably crisp designs, too, although, admittedly, they aren't struck quite as deeply as the actual ASEs. That's not too important, though, in my opinion. I liked the rounds a lot, but I would appreciate it very much if they also offered 1/2 oz. and 1/10 oz. rounds in other designs. Nonetheless, I highly recommend this company! I'm very pleased.

1/2 oz (Silver Eagle) .999 Fine Silver Rounds (Half Ounce)
Good Bullion
F. Kim
I bought two of the 1/2 oz. SE-design silver rounds, and I am very pleased with my purchase. The coins came securely packaged and in little plastic flip holders. They appeared mint-fresh and looked fantastic. They're like miniature ASEs. Very shiny and bright. Reasonably crisp designs. I liked the rounds a lot, but I would appreciate it very much if they also offered 1/2 oz. and 1/10 oz. rounds in other designs. I highly recommend this company!

Silver Bullion- 2013 $100 Silver Franklin Bars
While this is thinner than I'd imagine, it's to give it a bigger visual impact. It's absolutely beautiful and unique enough to add to my collection. I hope to pass it down to my children.

Titanic 1 oz Silver Bullion Rounds

Titanic silver round
M. Jacobs
I just recieved my first ( trial ) order from westminster mint and was very, very pleased at the whole process. My order came in very quickly and was securely packed and the quality of the round was amazing ! I've bought a lot of rounds through another major precious metal firm and I've always had to wait until they put their rounds on sale in order to get a decent price over spot per round but Westminster mint allows you to buy in a smaller quantity at a far superior price over spot. From now on all my bullion purchases will be from Westminster as the price, service and quality exceeds anybody else I've ever dealt with ! 6 stars outta 5.

Silver Prospector
Amazing Quality
J. Huston (San Jose, CA)
Wow. Pictures do NOT do this coin justice. Frosted imagery atop a perfectly mirrored back round. More than "proof-like", these could compete with Govt. mint Proof products around the world. Love the atomic AG symbol. Thanks Westminster Mint! Will be buying plenty more of these, just keep em in stock!
5 oz silver
Very Satisfied
These bars consistently weigh exactly 5 ozt. Love the heavy plastic for increased protection. I only wish that they also came in 10 ozt.

Silver Bullion Round-Morgan dollar design
A great deal all a"round"
Sorry :) These are great rounds. Absolutely beautiful, fit perfectly into a 39mm airtite and you can't beat the price. Tho I love my SAEs, the Westminster Silver Bullion rounds are going to be the bulk of my collection.

1/10 oz .999 Fine Silver Rounds (Silver Eagle)
Excellent 1/10th's
N. (Manassas, VA)
Bought a few of the 1/10th oz to test the service and quality. i have to say it was easy with super fast delivery. Ordered on a Thursday and the coins were at my house by next week Wednesday. FAST easy service. I recommend them and making a list for my next big order
1/2 oz (Buffalo) .999 Fine Silver Rounds (Half Ounce)
sparky (CHICAGO, IL)
1/2 oz (Silver Eagle) .999 Fine Silver Rounds (Half Ounce)
sparky (CHICAGO, IL)

1/2 oz (Peace Dollar) .999 Fine Silver Rounds (Half Ounce)
sparky (CHICAGO, IL)

1/2 oz (Peace Dollar) .999 Fine Silver Rounds (Half Ounce)
1/2 peace

2.5 Dollar Indian Head- 1 Ounce Silver Bullion Round
2.5 Dollar
Mike H
Thanks for this great silver bullion round. I think this one of the best designs ever. Will buy more soon thanks for the fast shipping. Best Regards Mike
2012 Silver Maple Leaf Coins
Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin
G. T. Louis
What's not to like about the beautiful Maple Leaf? I've purchased these 7 times from Westminster Mint and they are spectacular! I've checked around and have not found a place that will sell these at a lower price. They have excellent customer service. Thank you Westminster Mint. You have great silver bullion at the lowest price.
Gold Layered State Quarter Set
We bought several of these sets for our grandchildren
Dorothy S
We bought several of these sets for our grandchildren ages 6 -23 and are amazed to tell you that all of them liked them equally. Our children said we should not have spent so much on the grand kids. My eldest thought these sets cost $500!
Titanic 1 oz Silver Bullion Rounds

I ordered these on April 12, 2012 during the 100th anniversary of Titanic's sailing and recieved them April 19. Absolutely stunning. The picture above cannot compare to the beauty of the finished product. The round has MUCH more detail than is captured in the display photograph. From the detail of the moldings around the staircase to the fine lines that depict the cables to the stack, or the portholes along her port side, this piece is polished to a fine mirror-like finish and applauds the craftsmanship in such a nice bullion round. One Troy Ounce of .999 silver is obvious at the bottom of the staircase. Excellent protection during shipping. I'm glad that I made a second order on the thirteenth and can't wait to see them as well!
Silver Bullion - 911 10th Anniversary
911 10th Anniversary Silver Bullion
R. Lunsford
I Received the 911 silver rounds and also am wandering why does it say copy? Is it .999 silver. The service was fast, Product looks good. Why does is say copy. Ron
Silver Bullion Ingots 10oz
10oz bling
J. Dublynn
got my 1st 10ozr...its heavy an heavy is a good thing. now only 96 more bars to go an there all coming from the Westminster Mint..... once again WM comes through with the absolute best price ANYWHERE. well, time to go buy more silver :)

Panda Gold Coin
C. Linneberg
These are the best 1 ounce coins out there. They should go up in value quickly with a low mintage and they are delivered like a real showpiece. Take your lottery winnings and buy a 1,000. You'll be glad you did.

Silver Bullion Round-Morgan dollar design
oh so sweet
J. Dublynn
got my morgans yesterday an i have to say, beautiful just beautiful. the feel of these freshly minted rounds is intoxicating, u can feel just how "sharp" the coins are on the edges. a beautiful reproduction of the original coin. i would recommend these rounds an to buy them ONLY from WM. now to go back to shopping for more rounds. t6hanks again for the great product an excellent service
Silver Rounds-Timber Wolf Design
wolf coins
J. Dublynn
i just got my timber wolf coins, stunning, the quality is outstanding. these rounds have just become my favorite silver round. i love all of the designs WM has to offer but im giving this coin a 2 thumbs up, hope u guys keep striking this round design. once again WM did a great job with the prices an the oh so fast shipping i got my rounds in just a few days, u have a loyal lifetime customer here. thanks again for the A+ serice

Silver Bullion Rounds-Silver dollar design
Westminster Mint Silver Bullion
S. stitt
I am just the little guy scraping by purchasing these bullion by the SINGLES. 1/2 - 1 ounce at a time, And i have to give WM an A++++ as well for their beautiful strikings and prompt,professional service. Not only will i continue buying bullion from Westminster Mint but i also show off my awesome silver rounds to all my friends AND show them the web site!! ***** FIVE STARS! **** GREAT JOB WESTMINSTER MINT **** LETS NOT FORGET ABOUT THE VERY AFFORDABLE PRICES!!!

Silver Bar- 5 Ounces
5oz morgan bar
J. Dublynn
i just got my bar...the only thing i saw wrong was it had edge wear like the corners were rounded off. but who cares,compaired to the other sites that sell silver i didnt buy it from WM i felt like i stole it from them..who cares about condition it weighs correct. silver is silver unless its old coins its worth all the same... if its .999 an weighs correct u can send me a melted blob of it. i love this place an will only do business here. the best prices an fast shipping. plus they r the nicest looking bars better than northwest territorial an smokes apmex bars. going anywhere else this is the place for silver people..BUY BUY BUY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Silver Bullion - 911 10th Anniversary
J. Barth
I absolutely love this Siver round for it's beauty as well as the meaning behind it. However, the only issue I have with it is that it has the word "COPY" stamped on the reverse inside the Eagle's shield. When I had to sale some of these rounds the dealer was very hesitant to buy them due to the fact that it had the word COPY stamped into it. I tried to explain that the mint had to put the word in the shield because of the A.S.Eagle design. But the fact is, I really do not know why it is there at all? Thank you, Jim
1/31/2012 7:58 AM    

Heraeus Silver
Beautiful Bar
Beautiful investment product with a low premium over spot!! Very impressed, and more than satisfied, with this 10 oz bar!!

Silver Bullion- Saint-Gaudens design
Look Great
J Parsons
Bought 3 different rounds all look very good, but I payed with a check and it takes quite a while to receive your rounds. It is worth the wait be patient.
Westminster Mint 1 oz Silver Bars
These bars are very nice, don't hesitate and order. Airtight sealed plastic pouches ensure no tarnishing, and allow for easy storage. High Quality. Are you still reading this? Order some!
Silver Bullion- 2013 $100 Silver Franklin Bars
Nice bar, stamping design is nice. Fun thing to have. The best part was that I ordered it Monday and overnight it is here.

Westminster Mint 1 oz Silver Bars
SliverofSilver (OK)
These bars are very nice, don't hesitate and order. Airtight sealed plastic pouches ensure no tarnishing, and allow for easy storage. High Quality. Are you still reading this? Order some!

Silver Bullion- 2011 $100 Silver Franklin Bars

David (, FL)

Nice bar, stamping design is nice. Fun thing to have. The best part was that I ordered it Monday and overnight it is here.

Silver Bullion Round-Morgan dollar design

Jon (PA)
I'm very happy with these rounds. There absolutely beautiful. The liberty rounds and your 1 oz bars are brilliant as well. I can't wait to purchase more. Shipping was very fast also.


5 oz silver

jg (Northport, NY)
Agree with the previous poster, the 5oz bars are sealed with a heavy wrap that detracts from it's shine. The wrap is not as clear as that used for the 1oz Westminster bars. Edges are rough. The serial number stamped on bar is a nice touch.
Silver Bullion Rounds-Silver dollar design

Charles B
I just received my first order with Westminster i ordered 20 of these paid by check so it took awhile to get them,but it was worth the wait.They were absolutely beautiful.I have ordered 60 more of 3 different designs.         

Silver Bullion Rounds-Silver dollar design

Beautiful Rounds!
Anthony (TX)
I must say that I am VERY happy with the quality of these rounds! I give WM an A+++++ on service, quality and prompt shipping! Will def continue to order more bullion form here!

Silver Ingots 1oz

I bought several of these as a sort of investment/ birthday gift for my children. Shipping was quick each bar individually sealed. I just bought 2 more for a total of 4 and plan on buying them more as the years go on to invest for their futures. Thanks to the service here I plan on buying some larger bars for my wife and I as well to diversify our investments in these rough times.

1/2 oz (Silver Eagle) .999 Fine Silver Rounds (Half Ounce)

Nice little beauties!
Frank C
I have order this same item a few times now, it is by far the most beautiful half troy once coin I have seen. The American Eagle design makes these rounds very desirable and easily recognizable. I have had no trouble trading or selling these rounds if needed. Every single time that I have purchased them they have come well packaged in a tube designed for the 1/2 ounce sizes round because I usually buy 10+ at a time. They are nice shiny little beauties. As long as Westminster is selling these rounds and I can get them at a good price I will keep buying them!

Silver Bar- 12 ounces With One Trillion Dollar Design (Bullion strike)

Great Product
D Mosher
Very nice design, good quality .999 pure. Best you can get without buying Canadian bullion.

Silver Bar- 12 ounces With One Trillion Dollar Design with Case

Trillion dollar bar
S Bell
Now this is a show piece. It was real shiny and proof, and 12 ounces of silver. This is a great piece, get at least 1 or shock someone, and get 124 of them and help save the national debt. ;)
8/15/2011 5:44 PM     

RMS Titanic Silver Coin with authentic piece of coal from the wreck

Titanic coin
Stuart B
I received the order today, and both coins look great, and have a small piece of coal inside, which looks real cool. they are .925 pure, but I got these because of what they are, a great show piece. get one just for the history, well worth it.
8/15/2011 5:41 PM     

Silver Bullion Round-Morgan dollar design

Mr. Terry Q
I bought a dozen of these and they are perfect. Shipping is fast, service is fast and the margins are reasonable. I love dealing with the Westminster Mint.
8/4/2011 12:04 PM     

Eisenhower Dollar

B. Eisenhour Dollar
K Lincoln
Real nice for am inexpensive gift for a loved one in BU. Real nice coin.

Silver Rounds Indian Head Design

Mr.J. Mallon
Really, how can you go wrong with this classic design! I bought 250 of them and the only negative is that they are not really as brilliant as the photos.

2011 Silver Eagle San Francisco Mint 20 coin roll - ANACS Certified

Mr.M. Bijak
Very happy with my purchase It would be cool if the U.S. mint packaged their rolls this way. Mike Bijak


Silver Bullion Round-Morgan dollar design
My first order here and the rounds are absolutely beautiful. Fantastic old coin replicas freshly minted in super fine detail. I ordered a variety and love them all. Thanks Westminster!
Westminster Mint 1 oz Silver Bars
Nice Bars- Fast Shipping
josh r
Ordered 10 of these on sat and had them on thurs.. Very happy with shipping and the bars are nice looking too.. They came packed in a heavy plastic seal a meal type packing..Individual sealed package with all 10 together like a sheet.. Nice for storage and zero fingerprints etc.. My friends were all envious.. The bars are very shiny-smooth mirror finish and professional looking(much nicer than the picture would suggest)..Will be ordering more when i can afford it..

2011 Silver Eagle Roll


Silver Rounds Winged Liberty Design

Nice coin, fast shipping
J Sanabria
this round is wonderful, this was my first time I did business with this place, and will do so again, it was also packed very well, A+ :)

2011 Silver Canadian Timber Wolf Coins 1 oz .9999 pure silver

Very pleased
I ordered 3 of these Timber Wolf coins and was very pleased with the qualities of these coins. I would recommend these coins...

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