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1857 Double Pinch Gold S.S. Republic

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1857 Double Pinch Gold S.S. Republic
This fascinating PCGS certified Double Pinch of gold dust came directly from one of America’s most significant shipwrecks!  The S.S. Central America, a 280 foot sidewheel steamer loaded down with nine tons of California Gold Rush treasure sank in a category two hurricane off the coast of the Carolinas in 1857.
This gold was recovered directly from the purser’s safe where it had been stored for over 150 years in sealed leather pouches! This truly historic American gold dust has an unbroken pedigree and is a one of a kind discovery. Pinches of gold were used in everyday transactions alongside California Fractional gold coins in the mining towns of California at the height of the Gold Rush.
Some of the rarest and most valuable American Gold coins came from this famous shipwreck known as the Ship of Gold. It is unprecedented to trace the provenance of something that was not actually struck in coin form. The leading coin verification service PCGS has certified these genuine double pinches of gold dust in limited edition Bell Tower labels.