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1860 O S.S. Republic U.S. Mint Issue Seated Liberty Half Dollar

Struck the same year Republican Abraham Lincoln was Elected President this coin was recovered
From the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean 143 years later!

By the time the SS Republic sank in late October 1865, she claimed a remarkable seafaring legacy including heroic service for both the Union and Confederate navies during the American Civil War. The Republic was an industrial marvel, built in Fells Point, Baltimore, by the John A Robb Shipyard. She was equipped with a vertical walking-beam steam engine, twin return-flue boilers and other machinery constructed by Baltimore’s Charles Reeder and Son. Her two 28-foot side-wheels were driven by a massive single piston. The sturdy 210-foot long vessel was originally built to transport 100 passengers and store 5,000 barrels of cargo in her hold.

She sank in 1865 after battling a hurricane for two days. At the time, she was en route from New York to New Orleans carrying a large cargo of silver and gold coins and a stunning variety of everyday goods to help rebuild New Orleans’ ailing post-war economy.  Over 51,000 silver and gold coins and more than 14,000 were recovered from the shipwreck.

Your coin was minted at the New Orleans Mint in Louisiana, which was the only Southern Mint to survive the Civil War. The Dahlonega and Charlotte Mints ceased production of coins in 1861 when the States of Georgia and North Carolina left the Union and joined the Confederacy. They never minted coins again.

Your silver coin has been authenticated and certified with a Shipwreck Effect by NGC. Shipwreck recovered silver coins retain signs of exposure to saltwater regardless of the conservation methods used. The Shipwreck Effect designation allows NGC to accurately describe the condition of a coin by noting surface disturbance that results from its preservation history. Not all shipwreck artifacts are handled similarly. To earn this designation from NGC, several conditions must be met. The coins must be recovered in an archaeologically sound manner, in accordance with tested and proven procedures, to preserve the history of the wreck. Furthermore, the coins must be conserved by the least invasive means possible to ensure stability of the artifact surface and long-term preservation.


• Date: 1860
• Metal: 12.44 grams silver
• Purity: .900
• Diameter: 30.6 mm
• Grade/Condition: NGC Shipwreck Effect
• Mint Mark: O United States Issue
• Service: NGC