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1908 $2.5 INDIAN AU58

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1908 $2.5 INDIAN AU58

President Theodore Roosevelt marveled at the beauty of the ancient Greek and Roman coins he saw in an exhibition. He considered the designs on U.S. coinage to be old and tired and not reflective of America’s status as world leaders. The new President consulted with his friend Dr. William S. Bigelow who gave him the idea of creating new gold coins with an “incuse” design. The Boston based sculptor Bela Lyon Pratt was commissioned to create the $2.5 Indian Head gold coin.
The design features a Native American chief on the obverse facing left. The chief wore a large feather headdress. Surrounding the design are thirteen stars for the original thirteen colonies. The reverse shows a majestic eagle perched atop an arrow emblematic of war; in his talons are olive branches, the symbols of peace.

The coins were issued from 1908 – 1929 and were struck at the Philadelphia Mint. In 1911, 1914 and 1915 coins were also struck at Denver. In addition eight low mintage Proof coins were struck between 1908 – 1915. These $2.5 Indian Head and the $5 Indian Head are the only coins struck with “incuse” designs – i.e., the central design of the Indian chief is sunk below the surfaces of the coins.
AU-58 – Almost Uncirculated, refers to a coin that may show the barest traces of wear on the high points of the design. There are no major detracting contact marks and the coin has attractive eye appeal and nearly full luster. Your coin has been professionally authenticated, graded and certified by a leading coin grading service.

Date: 1908
Denomination: $2.5
Metal: Gold
Weight: 4.18 grams
Purity: .900
Diameter: 18 mm
Mint: Philadelphia
Condition: AU58
NGC Population:1096