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1913 $5 Gold PCGS MS63

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1913 $5 Gold PCGS MS63

Rare Non- Hoard Coin Only 98,832 Minted Les than 200 Coins Graded PCGS MS63 or Better!

Canada did not produce any gold coins until 1912, the first gold coins were a $5 and $10 coin minted from a quarter ounce and half ounce of gold.  The design bears the image of King George V on the obverse and a shield bearing the Arms of the Dominion of Canada on the reverse. Almost all of the gold used to manufacture them came from the nearby Klondike River Valley in the Yukon Territory, the site of one of the largest and most frenzied gold rushes in history.

In 1914, just two years after the coins were introduced, the First World War began. The short-lived, experimental Canadian gold coin program was closed in 1915 in favor of producing lifeless gold bars, leaving behind only a small supply of gold coins for future generations of collectors to get their hands on!

De facto Coat of Arms adopted in 1868

The  coins are steeped in history. the design on the reverse of the coins depicts the De facto Coat of Arms adopted in 1868; this was the first symbol of Canada to appear on a coin. Canada’s official Coat of Arms decreed by King George was not adopted until much later in 1921.

• Date 1913
• Denomination $5
• Composition: Gold
• Fineness 0.900
• Weight 0.2419 oz.
• Original Mintage 98,832
• Grade: MS63
• Service PCGS
• Population UNDER 200