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1994 US Prestige Proof Sets

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Item Number: 1994 US Prestige Proof Sets

U.S. Mint Prestige proof sets were issued from 1983 through 1997. No sets were issued in 1985. In addition to the regular proof coins struck that year, Prestige Proof sets also includes a commemorative Proof coin. These sets are limited editions and are often 10 times rarer than standard Proof sets. The additional coin in the sets was: 1983 Olympic dollar, 1984 Olympic dollar, 1986 - Statue of Liberty half dollar, 1987 Constitution dollar, 1988 Olympic dollar, 1989 Congressional half dollar, 1990 Eisenhower dollar, 1991 Mt. Rushmore Half dollar, 1992 Olympic half dollar, 1993 - Madison half dollar,  1994 World Cup half dollar, 1995 Civil War half dollar, 1996 Olympic half dollar, 1997 Botanic dollar. These sets are all very rare and some are almost impossible to find.