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$20 Saint Gaudens MS64

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Price: $2,600.00
Item Number: NK12480
$20 Saint Gaudens MS64
There is something quite special about holding a gleaming, lustrous - $20 Saint Gaudens Double Eagle in the palm of your hand. See Lady Liberty striding toward you holding a torch aloft with the United States Capitol building in the background. Almost everyone who holds one of these historic miniature works of art falls in love with them.
In the early 1900s, President Theodore Roosevelt called for a renaissance in American coinage. The President had seen and marveled at an exhibition of ancient Greek coinage and thought our coinage was dull in comparison and not reflective of a great nation ready to lead the world in a new century. He called on his friend and leading beaux arts sculptor of the time Augustus Saint-Gaudens to redesign America’s coins.
The coin he created features Lady Liberty in full figure with a rising sun and the U.S. Capital in the background. The design was repeated in 1986 when the United States Mint introduced the American Gold and Silver Eagle bullion and proof coins.
• One of America’s most storied coins
• A miniature work of art
• Survived the Great Depression, two world wars and the 1933 gold recall
• Guaranteed MS64 condition – our choice of dates