2018 $50 Gold Eagle PCGS MS70 Struck at the West Point Mint

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2018 $50 Gold Eagle PCGS MS70 Struck at the West Point Mint

This coin is advertised nationally on television and radio. Due to limited quantities, it is not available for sale online. To order please call:
1-800-301-3868 Plymouth, MN office
1-800-647-0773 Madison, WI office

1-888-673-8041 Minneapolis, MN office
Considered to be the Most Beautiful American Coin Design in History!
American Gold Eagles were signed in to Law by President Ronald Reagan in 1985 as a mint store of wealth.
Today they are the most popular and widely collected gold coins in the world.
The best way to collect them is in perfect Mint State 70 (MS70) condition. Coins are graded on a 70-point scale with 70 being absolute perfection.

Despite modern minting techniques, only a fraction of the coins submitted for grading make the coveted 70 grade.

Between 2011 and 2017 the U.S. Mint struck about 3.8 million $50 gold eagles. PCGS, the most trusted name in coin grading, certified the following coins in MS70 condition
2017 5,284
2016 4,898
2015 2,905
2014 2,212
2013 4,414
2012    765
2011 1,679
We showcase the coins in perfect MS70 condition by PCGS. These coins have special labels “Struck at the WestPoint Mint”.  Bullion coins struck at West Point have no mintmark, but has identifying paperwork from the U.S. Mint. The W for West Point is shown as (W) when there is no mintmark on the coin and W when there is a mintmark. Mintmarks only appear on Proof and Burnished gold eagles.
Date: 2018
Metal: Gold
Weight: . 1 troy oz.
Purity: .9167
Diameter: 32.7 mm
Condition: MS70
Service: PCGS