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2018 Lion Dollar PF70

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2018 Lion Dollar PF70
These 2018 Lion Dollar silver proof coins are genuine, limited edition collector items. They are ideal for collectors of both ancient and modern coins and for historians. The Lion Dollar, or Leeuwendaalder, is considered to be America’s first silver dollar, a fact that is prominently displayed on their NGC certified coin holders and adds to their collectible value. The original Leeuwendaalder coins are the third coins listed in the United States Red Book coin guide.
With a history of more than 400 years, the Royal Dutch Mint has released 5,000 modern Lion Dollars based on the original design issued in 1617. These are genuine government issue restrikes. Each coin has a high quality proof strike that would be unimaginable to the residents of New York, formerly New Amsterdam, over 400 years ago, where the original coins widely circulated. Minted from one ounce of 99.99% pure silver, the design shows an image of a Dutch knight standing in front of a shield bearing a fierce lion in what is known as the rampant position above the Zeeland Waves. The reverse depicts the same heraldic lion in a larger size above the Zeeland Waves.
•    Issued by the Royal Dutch Mint
•    Official government restrike
•    Limited mintage of just 5,000 coins
•    One of the First 1,000 coins struck
•    Only 20 coins per state
•    Considered to be America’s first silver dollars
•    High quality proof strike – certified PF70
Condition Proof 70 (PF70 UCAM)
Coins are graded on a 70-point scale with “70” being absolute perfection. In 1948, Dr. William Sheldon, a renowned numismatist, developed the Sheldon Scale, assigning number grades from "1" through "70" to coins. The basis of Sheldon’s theory was that a "70" would be worth 70 times as much as a "1."
The term proof coin refers to the method of manufacture of the coin and not the grade of the coin. Proof coins are presentation pieces and made specifically for coin collectors. They are struck using specially prepared coin dies, on a specially prepared coin blanks called a planchets. Proof coins are struck several times on presses operating at slower speeds and higher striking pressure. Because of this extra care, Proofs usually exhibit much sharper detail than regular, or business, strikes. Proof coins certified in PF70 condition should be flawless, fully struck, and lustrous with superb eye appeal. 
Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) Certified label
A coin collector buys both the coin and the slab. In addition to buying the certification service’s reputation and a numeric grade, the coin buyer purchases the holder as a physical object. NGC special labels enhance and differentiate your coin from others in the same grade, serving a function beyond recording the coin’s authenticity and condition. The presentation and collectible value of these coins is enhanced by being identified as one of the first 1,000 coins struck and by referencing the original coin’s status as America’s first silver dollars.

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