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2019 Silver Kangaroo MS70 – ANACS First Release Limited Edition 340

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Price: $95.00
Item Number: nk14426
2019 Silver Kangaroo MS70 – ANACS First Release Limited Edition 340
The Perth Mint Silver Kangaroo program was inspired by one of Australia’s most beloved and iconic animals, the Red Kangaroo. The current series of one–ounce coins carries a face value of $1 (AUD), has a silver purity of .9999, and has a special security feature (a micro-engraved letter “A” inside the first letter of Australian), which began in 2016.
The 2019 Silver Kangaroo coins are genuine collector items. The Perth Mint has updated the portrait of 92-year-old Queen Elizabeth II for the first time in 65 years!
The new portrait shows Queen Elizabeth II wearing a diamond diadem crown, a Victorian coronation necklace, and drop earrings. The portrait shows the Queen’s shoulders, marking a difference from circulating coins in Great Britain, which only show the monarch’s head and neck. This is only the fourth Silver Kangaroo coin minted in one ounce of .9999 pure silver and the first with the new design, ensuring its status as a future key date in the series.
• Popular fast growing silver coin series
• New updated design - the first in 65 years
• Future key date in series
• First Release certified limited edition
Condition Mint State 70 (MS70)
Coins are graded on a 70-point scale with “70” being absolute perfection. In 1948, Dr. William Sheldon, a renowned numismatist, developed the Sheldon Scale, assigning number grades from "1" through "70" to coins. The basis of Sheldon’s theory was that a "70" would be worth 70 times as much as a "1."
The numerical grades MS60 through MS70, are used to denote business strike coins that never have been in circulation. A Mint State coin can range from one that is poorly struck with many marks and hairlines (MS60), to a flawless, fully struck, lustrous example with superb eye appeal (MS70).
ANACS Certified Label
A coin collector buys both the coin and the slab. In addition to buying the certification service’s reputation and a numeric grade, the coin buyer purchases the holder as a physical object. ANACS certified First Release individually numbered labels enhance and differentiate your coin from others in the same grade, serving a function beyond recording the coin’s authenticity and condition. The presentation and collectible value of these coins is enhanced by being identified as a coveted limited edition of just 340 coins.