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American Silver Eagle Set 2008-2020 PCGS MS70 w/Gary Whitley Signatures

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American Silver Eagle Set 2008-2020 PCGS MS70 w/Gary Whitley Signatures  
The American Silver Eagle is by a huge margin, the most popularly collected US coin! The U.S. Mint sent shockwaves through the collector market when they announced the 35 year design of the world’s most collected silver coin, the American Silver Eagle, would be changed forever.
The 2020 American Silver Eagle will long be remembered and collected for being the last full year issue bearing the beloved John Mercanti Reverse Heraldic Eagle design. After 35 years, the United States Mint will release a completely new reverse design to the popular American Silver Eagle in 2021, the coin will also have the newest anti-counterfeiting technology.
In 2008 the US Mint made some dramatic changes to the Silver Eagle coins reverse to enhance their appearance. Some of the major differences for this new variety were in the lettering on the reverse of the coin, specifically on the letter "U" in "United." And in the thirteen stars.
We have assembled some complete 13 coin sets comprising  each coin with the new modified reverse design since 2008 up to the final year of issue 2020. Each coin has been certified in perfect MS70 condition by PCGS. All 13 coins are Signature Series coins and have been individually hand signed by Gary Whitley, an Artistic Infusion Program (AIP) designer from the United States Mint with 15 design credits.  
PCGS Signature Series labels
A coin collector buys both the coin and the slab. In addition to buying the certification service’s reputation and a numeric grade, the coin buyer purchases the holder as a physical object. PCGS certified Signature Series labels enhance and differentiate your coin from others in the same grade, serving a function beyond recording the coin’s authenticity and condition. The presentation and collectible value of these coins is enhanced by being signed by Gary Whitley.

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