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Price: $893.68
Item Number: NK14975

These Apollo 11 Gold Bullion Rounds are an ideal way to buy gold. Each round measures 26.9 mm in diameter and is minted from one half ounce of pure 24-karat gold.  The popular patriotic Moon Landing image, high quality proof strike and limited mintage of only 1,000 pieces ensures their value to both gold buyers and coin collectors.
The stunning new 50th anniversary Apollo 11 gold rounds were created by acclaimed U.S. Mint coin designer Joel Iskowitz. Joel designed 54 coins and medals for the U.S. Mint, including five reverses for the American Platinum Eagle Proof series, seven commemoratives, nine $10 First Spouse gold coins and bronze medals, six quarters, four presidential dollars and fifteen Congressional Gold Medals (also issued in bronze).
Endorsed by NASA, and struck by the Sunshine Mint, who supply the American Silver Eagle blanks to the U.S. Mint, the obverse was inspired by the famous Apollo 11 mission patch designed by astronaut Michael Collins, who remained on the Lunar model nicknamed “Eagle” during the time Armstrong and Aldrin were on the lunar surface. There are also inscriptions for “1969”, “Half Ounce” and “.9999 GOLD.”
The reverse shows an astronaut proudly saluting the American flag (in the center of the design) planted on the moon during the mission (which had been required by law), as well as a boot print on the lunar surface. On the lunar horizon is the earth with the United States visible.
• Mintage: 1,000
• Weight: Half ounce
• Purity: .9999
• Diameter: 26.9 mm
• Obverse Features the official Apollo 11 Mission Patch
• Reverse features the famous Moon Landing Photo
• Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing

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