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Coin Collecting  
Almost since the appearance of the first coins in ancient Greece about 700 B.C.,
there have been coin collectors.  Technically, coin collecting is known as
numismatics, and coin collectors are known as numismatists.  People collect
coins for a variety of reasons.  Some collect coins for their beauty or history,
some for their investment value, and others for the satisfaction of finding elusive
or meaningful coins … but for most people, coin collecting is a combination
of beauty, history, value, and satisfaction.
A coin collection is not limited to any pre-set boundaries.  For example, millions
of people collect the State Quarters but there are many different ways to collect
the coins:
 One coin of each state design that was found in circulation
• One Uncirculated coin of each state design
• One Uncirculated coin from each mint for each state design
• Rolls of coins for each state design
• Proof coins only
• Silver coins only
• The complete collection of Uncirculated, Proof, and silver coins from each state
• Enhanced coins, such as colorized, gold-plated, or holograms.
The choice of what to collect and how to collect it makes coin collecting an
exciting and challenging activity.  In most classic U.S. coin series, there are
several dates or mint marks that are expensive or hard to find, so collectors
rarely attempt to own a complete collection of every date and mint mark.  For
more recent coins, such as the State Quarters or Kennedy Half Dollars, it is more
likely that collectors will eventually be able to find one of every coin without spending a fortune.
Best of all, coin collecting is something that can be shared with family and friends. 
 Many coin designs are beautiful and historic, and coins can be a wonderful
way to introduce children and grandchildren to not only the joys of collecting
but to history and culture as well.