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There are several convenient ways to acquire coins for a personal collection.  The
most logical is simply to find coins in pocket change.  The problem, of course,
is that very few different coins are struck by the U.S. Mint at any one time, and
it is unlikely that you will find any coins other than those currently being made
by the U.S. Mint.  When was the last time you saw a Lincoln “wheat ears”
Penny or a Buffalo Nickel in circulation?  Or even a Kennedy Half Dollar,
which is still made by the U.S. Mint but is rarely seen in circulation?
Most collectors prefer to find their coins through dealers and other
“Coins for Sale” avenues.  The obvious advantage to buying coins from a
dealer – online, by mail, from TV shows, by phone, or at a coin show – is that
you know immediately whether the dealer has the coins you want in the grades
and price ranges that suit you.
Another advantage is that dealers carry only collectible coins.  Coins found
in circulation are, by definition, circulated and are probably damaged.  They
may not be acceptable for collectors.  On the other hand, dealers usually buy
coins direct from the U.S. Mint or from collectors, so the coins are almost always
in top condition and therefore collectible.