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Enhanced Coins   
Since the start of the 21st century, collectors have been given more and more
choices in how to assemble coin collections.  While many collectors prefer
Brilliant Uncirculated or Proof coins, a growing number of collectors have
embraced enhanced coins – coins that have been colorized, plated with a precious
metal such as gold, or that have had holograms added to the designs.  In all cases,
the enhancement adds to the beauty of the coin design and always creates a new
and exciting collecting opportunity.  In addition, only a very small number of
coins are enhanced, so they are prized as true limited editions.
One of the most popular enhancements is colorizing.  Like all enhancements, the colorizing is added privately because the U.S. Mint is unable to perform this
function.  Due to the nature of coin production, coins for thousands of years have
been limited in their innovations.  Although some coins in the late 20th century
were struck on coin blanks that combined two or more different metals to create
a contrast between areas of the design, the face of the coin had not really changed
since the beginning of coinage.  Colorizing was a dramatic new way to highlight
the coin design.  In general, the colorizing brings the original design to life.  It is
a permanent enhancement (i.e. not a sticker), so in effect the coin is considered a
new design.  Some coins are also colorized with designs that do not follow the
original design – for example, pictures of Elvis Presley, Ronald Reagan, or other
famous people added to State Quarters or Kennedy Half Dollars.
Other types of enhanced coins include those plated with a precious metal or with
added holograms.  Gold-plated coins are particularly popular because gold is
valuable and the coins have the appearance of classic gold coins.  Other metals
such as silver and platinum are also used for enhancements.  Holograms can also
be applied to the major design elements, adding a new sense of beauty to the
coins.  When hologram coins are moved, the holograms reveal a beautiful
spectrum of light.
The most popular enhanced coins are the State Quarters.  The 50 different designs
on the coins are the perfect palate for colorized coins, because each coin is
different from all others.  Silver Eagle Dollars are popular in the hologram
editions, and gold-plating can be added to State Quarters, Presidential Dollars,
and many other coin series.  However, all types of enhancement can be added to
virtually any U.S. coin.