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Special pricing available today on 1907 $20 Saint-Gaudens Gold Coins

Thank you for considering our special offer to buy a truly great American coin for a low introductory price. We are offering 1907 $20 Saint-Gaudens gold coins certified MS65 by PCGS.
These coins are offered in the exclusive Augustus Saint Gaudens PCGS certified labels that also have the valuable notation First Year of Issue.
These large one-ounce gold coins are named for their designer Augustus Saint-Gaudens, who was widely acclaimed as the nation’s preeminent sculptor at the turn of the 20th century. President Theodore Roosevelt personally prevailed upon Saint-Gaudens to design them. The coin he created is considered to be the most beautiful U.S. coin of all time. This is one of the reasons this series of coins is so popular with collectors around the world.
You may have noticed that key elements of this design have been replicated and used on our current $50 one ounce gold bullion coins.
When the original Saint-Gaudens coins were released to the public in 1907, the Motto “In God We Trust” was missing from the coin. This important motto had appeared on all American coinage since 1861. Saint-Gaudens had excluded it for artistic reasons; But God-fearing members of Congress with a different viewpoint soon noticed the omission and mandated the motto must appear on all future coins in the series. Only 361,667 coins were struck in 1907 without the motto “In God We Trust”, apposed to over 40 million coins in the series that have the motto. So you can see why the 1907 coin is one of the key dates in the series.
The coins we are offering to you have been cherry picked for their high quality, full strike and their original mint luster. These coins have been certified in new sonically sealed tamper proof holders by PCGS and have their own section in the official PCGS population report. The holders feature a portrait of Augustus Saint-Gaudens as well as his facsimile signature. In addition to describing the coins as 1907 and guaranteeing their high grade, the words First Year of Issue are printed on the holders.
Date: 1907
Denomination: $20
Weight: 33.436 grams
Purity: .900 gold
Net Weight: .96750 oz.
Grade: MS65
Service: PCGS
PCGS Population: 2,238 in MS65, 369 in MS66 Finest known MS67 X 16
PCGS ASG Population: 18

MSRP:  $4,500.00
Special Price: $3,850.00
You Save: $650.00 (14 %)