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Special pricing available today Limited Edition First Day of Issue Silver Eagles

Thank you for considering our special offer to buy the leading silver collectible coins in the world. American silver eagles are the best of the best and have never been so affordable!

Price is of secondary importance because we are offering certified coins that have never previously been available from PCGS. Buying these coins will put you ahead of the collector curve with a genuine Limited Edition.

Collectors look for firsts, perfection, limited editions and exclusivity. Collectors look for coins with features that will set their collection apart from all others. This is an opportunity to buy the very best coins on the market for a price that fits even the smallest budget.

The low price of silver and the idiosyncrasies of the coin market have created this very special situation. The American silver eagle is the most widely collected modern issue silver bullion coin in the world. A record 44 million coins were minted in 2014. The magnificent design, large shiny surfaces and government guarantee for weight and purity make them irresistible to silver bullion investors and to coin collectors at every level of sophistication.

The most exclusive way to collect silver eagles is to buy professionally graded coins in the highest possible numismatic grade of MS70. Based on the current low price of silver this is one of the best times to buy a certified silver eagle in perfect MS70 condition. If you are seeking something truly special then we ask that you consider these PCGS certified coins.

You are getting the most popular silver bullion coin in the world certified in the highest possible numismatic grade of perfect MS70.

These coins are better than First Strike and Early Releases coins, that until now have been popular ways for collectors to own Silver Eagles.

Now for the first time ever you can own coins certified as First Day Strikes. First Strike or Early Releases applies to coins delivered to the coin grading service within the first thirty days of their release. First Day Strike means the coins must be delivered within 24 hours of their release. This 24 hour delivery feature makes First Day Strikes more exclusive and collectible than First Strike or Early Releases coins. Especially in 2015 because this is the first time this label has been made available to collectors.

The coins we are offering are part of a certified limited edition of just 2015 coins. Numbered limited editions in the coin industry are very scarce. Their limited edition status makes these coins genuine rarities whose value can be compared with silver eagles dated 1986-2001.

There is a large pool of existing silver eagle collectors who buy coins certified in MS70 condition every year. Some of these people have paid thousands of dollars per coin for the rarest issues. They would love a shot at a coin like this.

Recent PCGS certified Silver Eagles with low certified populations of fewer than 2,000 coins such as the 2003, 2004 and 2005 coins currently list for $375, $250 & $750.

Our list price for these magnificent new coins with the exclusive labels is highly competitive. But for a limited time while supplies last we are cutting the price for just $100.

MSRP:  $129.00
Special Price: $100.00
You Save: $29.00 (22 %)