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The The Highland Mint is a full service mint that was established in the early 1980's. With state-of-
the-art facilities housed in a 40,000 square foot building in Melbourne, Florida, our complete
services allow us to take any job from start to finish. In-house abilities include layout and design,
sculpting and die making, processing of precious and non-precious metals, and stock tooling of
different shapes and sizes, plus packaging and fulfillment services.
Our Art Department is headed by Caesar Rufo, one of America’s foremost medallic sculptors
with pieces on permanent display in every major city in the United States. His work is also
displayed at the Metropolitan Opera House Archives, the La Scala Museum in Milan, the
Smithsonian Institute, The Cathedral of Washington D.C., and the Franklin Institute in
Philadelphia, as well as at over 500 major universities and colleges around the country.
The Highland Mint currently holds licenses with Major League Baseball, Major League
Baseball Player’s Association, Minor League Baseball, National Football League Properties, the
National Basketball Association, the National Hockey League, and the National Hockey League
Players Association. The Highland Mint has also joined forces with a number of other licensed
companies to produce and/or distribute collectibles. Our licenses do not allow our products to be
used as premiums; however, our relationships with the leagues facilitate the approval process of
obtaining one. In many instances they have been used as corporate incentives and giveaways.
Through the years, The Highland Mint has expanded its production base from the bronze, silver,
and gold Mint-Cards to a full line of medallions, and the company now produces and/or
distributes a wide variety of fully-licensed sports and non-sports collectibles, including Mint-Coins
and Photo-Mints. The Highland Mint has also added creative elements to a number of its metal
products, including mini and jumbo-sized items, color, high relief, sandblast features, and even
football-shaped medallions. All products are limited editions and are individually numbered and accompanied by Certificates of Authenticity. Collectibles products are presented in custom jewelry
boxes as well as other types of packaging. The latest addition to our product line is the
Game-Used Photo-Mint Collection.
All of The Highland Mint precious metal products are created with the finest craftsmanship
possible. Every detail and image on each medallion is hand-sculpted into plaster, which is
then transformed into a die; each medallion is struck several times before going through a variety
of finishing processes.


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