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How do silver bullion rounds differ from silver bullion coins?

For counterfeit and vending machine protection, private mints in the United States are not allowed to strike coins/rounds with the same diameter as United States Mint issued coins. Silver bullion is marketed in Troy Ounces, 1 Troy ounce = 31.1 grams. U.S. Mint Silver Eagle bullion coins contain 31.101 grams of silver; silver bullion rounds also contain 31.101 grams of silver but are minted to a different diameter and thickness. Silver bullion coins like American Silver Eagles and Canadian Maple Leafs are issued by governments and are legal tender for the amount stated on the coins. Silver rounds are privately minted for investors and often have designs that resemble famous coins, people and places. Typically, silver rounds sell for a lower premium than government issued coins.

 Are silver bullion rounds and silver bullion coins .999 silver?

 Yes both bullion coins and bullion rounds are commonly minted from .999 fine silver. They both have the same net weight but are slightly different sizes.

Why do silver rounds sell for a lower premium over silver than American Silver Eagle coins?

The United States Mint does not sell its bullion coins directly to the public because it is not capable of maintaining a two-way market. A two-way market means that the seller will also buy back the coins at prevailing rates.  Instead, the United States Mint distributes the coins in bulk, through a network of official distributors called Authorized Purchasers who, in turn, mark them up and sell them to secondary retailers. In many cases this means you the investor are the fourth person in the chain! The U.S. Mint, the authorized purchaser and the coin/bullion dealer have all made a mark-up before you buy! When you buy silver rounds from us, you are cutting out these middlemen, which lowers the premium over silver that you have to pay.

Are some silver bullion rounds more valuable than others?

Silver bullion rounds are offered in both brand name and generic form. Certain ISO certified and brand name silver bullion rounds meet the standards and are acceptable for inclusion in retirement accounts. These rounds may be slightly more marketable and may have a higher premium above the price of silver. Unless otherwise stated, all rounds offered by Westminster Mint qualify for storage in licensed depositories and retirement accounts.

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