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Midwest Silver Dollar Coin Hoard

A large group of silver dollars dated 1986-2006 is being made available to the collecting public by a private Trust in the Mid West. The coins have been stored in their original mint strapped and sealed five hundred coin buckets referred to as Monster Boxes. These mint sealed boxes are yielding a surprising number of near perfect MS69 and Perfect MS70 quality coins. Many of the coins are the so called rare or key dates that prior to the release of these coins had tiny certified populations. Discoveries of coins like these often yield poor quality coins that have milk spots and other imperfections that are caused by various experimental rinses used on coins dies by the U.S. Mint. The discovery of these coins and their high quality is considered important enough that the coins have their own unique name. The leading third party independent coin grading service ANACS has graded several rare dates from the hoard in MS69 and MS70 condition. Due to the mint enclosed supporting paperwork discovered in these sealed boxes some of the coins have been awarded ANACS First Release status and have certified limited editions.

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2001 Silver Eagle Mid West Hoard MS70 Limited Edition 80
Price: $550.00
2001 Silver Eagle Mid West Hoard MS70 Limited Edition 80
Silver Eagle Mid West Hoard
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