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Collect the world’s most popular bullion and Proof coins certified in perfect MS70 or PR70 condition.

Westminster Mint showcases the world’s most popular gold and silver bullion coins certified in Mint State 70 (MS70) condition or Proof 70 (PR70) MS70/PR70  is the highest state of preservation/grade any coin can be awarded. There are no MS71’s or PR71’s.

Although there are many independent coin grading services, Westminster Mint only recognizes the top three market leaders ANACS, NGC and PCGS. A coin certified in MS70/PR70 condition means the coin has been carefully examined by the experts. Only coins that are perfect in all aspects of strike, surface and luster are awarded the top grade of Mint State 70 or Proof 70.
Items showcased in this section have the most common labels and competitive pricing and are aimed at the bullion market. We also offer a wide selection of premium labels for coin collectors. These include black core and retro holders, limited edition numbered holders, signature series coins and coins with labels exclusive to Westminster Mint. We have a wide selection of current and back dated: American Silver, Gold and Platinum Eagles at highly competitive prices.  

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