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Pay for your silver bullion by check or bank wire transfer and save 3%
Westminster Mint is committed to providing you with low prices and fast shipment of your silver bullion. To get the best price please pay by check or bank wire transfer.  For orders placed on a credit card there is an additional 3% credit card processing fee surcharge.  This 3% surcharge is the fee we must pay VISA or MASTERCARD to process your order.  All of our competitors charge the same 3% fee. We call it a surcharge they call it a handling fee.
To place an order by check or bank wire transfer please choose the Pay by check option
1.       Enter your order in the pay by check option
2.       You will receive an order confirmation and order number
3.       Please remit your check or bank wire transfer within 24 hours
4.       Please reference your order number on all payments
Mail checks to our Payment Processing Center :
Westminster Mint
4100 North Riverside Drive
Melbourne, FL 32937
Please note all checks take 15 days to clear before shipment is made

Bank Wire Transfer info:
We also accept payment by bank wire transfer. Payment details will be sent to you when you place an order and get your confirmation number.

Minimum amount for bank wire transfer is $1000

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