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Precious metals storage – depository accounts FAQ

We offer precious metals storage in segregated accounts in your name only with independent third party fully insured storage companies. These companies are independent and not affiliated with Westminster mint. We can provide FREE fully insured delivery to the storage-depository for your private account.

Is the account in my name?

Yes. Yes the account is set up in your name just like your own bank account is now. We have no power of attorney or any control what so ever over your account and its contents.
Is my account insured?

Yes all of the depositories we work with provide insured accounts

What can I store there?

All of your precious metals gold, silver, platinum etc. rare coins, certified coin etc.
Certain companies have some restrictions. You talk with one of our advisors and tell them your needs and anticipated usage of the facility and they will make recommendations as to the depository that can best meet your individual needs.

What about privacy and reporting.

These accounts have a high level of privacy and are not required to report your transactions. (Westminster Mint does not offer tax advice you should consult and professional before entering into any agreement).

What about fees

Fees and services offered vary depending or the dollar amount stored. Usually these fees are from ½ % to 1% with minimum monthly fees of $20 - $50 depending on your level of activity and whether you require statements weekly, monthly, quarterly etc.

How do I buy or sell?

If buying and selling to Westminster mint you place an order with us and we ship the bullion to the depository who holds it in safe keeping for you. When selling you arrange for the depository to ship the bullion to us. Sometimes with active accounts the transaction can be made at the depository which saves on shipping fees.

Can I only buy or sell through you?

You are free to buy or sell to anyone. We hope that with our consistent low prices and
Friendly customer service you would buy and sell through us.

Why should I open a precious metals storage account?

There are many considerations and these accounts are not suitable for everyone.
The main advantages are security, privacy, speed of transaction, tax efficiencies,
Low cost and  24 hours a day access to you metals.