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Westminster Mint can help you store your silver. The storage agreement exists between the depository and the customer. It’s insured and absolutely safe. Your name is on the exact silver you purchased and it’s not commingled. Nor is it ever leased out or subject to any other games. It sits there until you instruct the depository otherwise. If you want to sell it, have it shipped to you or pick it up, you can. We handle every aspect of getting your silver into the depository. We can also handle the liquidation when you want to sell.  We urge you to get started acquiring silver now and keep large amounts in a safe storage facility.

All precious metal assets are held and maintained in your own name, on a fully insured basis off the balance sheet of the depository. They are not held as deposits or consignments.  Moreover, all commercial inventories are physically segregated by corporate or individual account, thereby increasing control, reducing audit time and enhancing overall security while satisfying many companies’ stringent insurance and/or regulatory requirements.
Delaware’s Tax Advantages

With your assets stored in an account located in Delaware, you’ll enjoy many of the world famous tax breaks that Delaware offers its business constituents and local commercial citizens. Specifically, in Delaware there are no sales, personal property, inventory or commercial net worth taxes. Thus, there is no tax imposed on the payment of depository storage fees, as there is in New York, for example coin and bullion purchases made anywhere in the United States can be made sales tax free when those assets are shipped by the selling dealer to your safekeeping account. Investors that take advantage of these Delaware benefits typically save  hundreds and even thousands of dollars each year.
Custody Fee Schedule
Minimum monthly fee: $50 per account will apply in any month assets of any value are held in the account for one day or more.
Gold, Platinum and Palladium bullion: 30 Basis Points (0.30% of Account Value)
Silver bullion: 50 Basis Points (0.50% of Account value)
Drop-Shipment Handling/processing fees: $19.50 per package (plus all applicable postage and insurance charges)
Model Commodity Code Customer Notices: $7.00 each
Out – Charges: (Preparation & Release to Armored Carriers and for Personal Pick-Ups)
   1. Large Bars (1000oz silver bars, 100/400oz gold bars, 50/100 plates) $6.00 each
   2. 90/40% Silver Bags - $6.00 each
   3. Industrial Containers - $6.00 each
   4. All other bullion - $0.02 per ounce 
To enquire about precious metals storage programs or to open an account please complete the (email form below) or call Ian Clay at 1-800-301-3868. Minimum order to open account $10,000 and up.
Want to know more please read the Precious metals storage – depository accounts FAQ

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