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American Silver Eagle Dollars

• Released in 1986 as a way of giving the public an easy and affordable way to own silver.
• Signed into law by President Ronald Reagan on July 9, 1985
• Guaranteed for weight and purity by the U.S. Government
• Minted in 1 troy ounce of 99.9% pure silver    
• The most widely collected silver coins in the world
• Favorite design based on Walking Liberty Half-Dollar (1916-1947)   
• Collected by condition, date, mint mark and rarity
• Available in bullion, proof, reverse proof, burnished and specially enhanced strikes
• Struck at San Francisco- S, Philadelphia-P, and WestPoint-W
American Silver Eagles stand alone as the number one silver investment coins in the world and the number one silver collector coins in the world. The Silver Eagle series chock-full of key dates, low mintages, special anniversary editions, die verities, mint errors, enhanced finishes, special strikes, high-grade and special designation labels. American Silver Eagles can be acquired and enjoyed on almost any budget.  
Westminster Mint has an extensive inventory of American Silver Eagles. We show only a tiny fraction on this site. Please contact one of our silver specialists about your specific needs.

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