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Silver BullionKennedy Commemorative

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Item Number: NK11147
Silver Bullion – Kennedy Commemorative
Just sixty-nine days after President John F. Kennedy’s assassination on November 22, 1963, the first Kennedy Half dollar was struck. The only government issue legal tender Kennedy half dollar to be minted in .900 silver was in 1964. Now collectors and investors can acquire this privately minted one ounce silver bullion round struck in .999 fine silver. Silver bullion rounds are the perfect way to buy silver. They are easily bought, sold, stacked, stored and counted.  These lustrous rounds measure 39mm in diameter and are hallmark stamped with their exact weight and purity. Nationally recognized by all silver bullion and coin dealers, rounds are ideal for first time buyers and seasoned investors alike.

These rounds are privately minted the United States from .999 pure silver. They are not affiliated with the United States government in anyway. The term COPY refers to parts of the design and not the purity of the rounds which is guaranteed .999 pure silver.

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