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Silver Bullion Rounds Monster Box 500 coins

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Price: $14,126.75
Mint Fresh Guarantee
Item Number: NK0682

Silver Rounds (Monster Box 500 Rounds)

These 500 coin boxes of silver rounds – with the Buffalo design are a great way to buy silver in bulk.

Each box contains 500 silver rounds (500 ounces). The rounds are packed in 20 coin rolls (25 rolls per box). Each round measures 39mm in diameter and contains one ounce of .999 fine silver. They are hallmarked stamped with their exact weight and purity. These rounds are guaranteed brand new, mint fresh and have never been offered to the public before. Buying mint direct in bulk saves you money and gives you the flexibility of selling just a few rounds at a time.

Nationally recognized by silver bullion and coin dealers, Silver bullion rounds are privately minted, and have no monetary value. Rounds are bullion items whose current and future value is based solely on their silver weight and purity. Generally rounds, like silver bullion bars sell for lower premiums than Government issued legal tender coins of the same weight and purity. 
This bullion item is not affiliated with the United States government in anyway. The design on the most popular silver bullion rounds often resembles popular coin designs. The term COPY is embedded into the design to differentiate it from a Buffalo coin.
Have more questions about silver rounds please check out our Silver Rounds F.A.Q page.

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