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Silver Certificate Set - 1935 No Motto & Motto

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Silver Certificate Set - 1935 No Motto & Motto – One Silver certificate with the words “In God We Trust” & One Silver certificate without the motto.
The Series of 1935 $1 Silver Certificates was America's last bank note without the motto "In God We Trust." When the design change was made with the addition of the motto on the back, the series date was changed to the Series of 1957. However, a small number of Series of 1935 notes were made in 1961 with the motto.
According to the dating system for bank notes, these should have been the Series of 1957. It is not clear whether this was an error on the U.S. Treasury's part but what is clear is that the Series of 1935 $1 Silver Certificate with the motto is exceptionally scarce. These bank notes are fascinating pieces of history, which disappeared from circulation decades ago.
This 2-pc Silver Certificate Set Features:(2) $1 Silver Certificates1935 Silver Certificate with "No Motto"1935 Silver Certificate with "Motto"

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