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Are silver eagles legal tender?
Yes they are government issue legal tender coins with a face value of $1.00.
However, they are not intended to be spent because their silver value far exceeds
their face value.
How many silver eagles have been produced?
Silver eagles have been issued annually since 1986 and well over 100 million
coins have been struck in that time.
Why is there such a big difference in price between various coins?
The silver eagle was created as a silver bullion coin for investors to buy and sell
for its intrinsic silver value. In addition to the regular silver bullion issue the
U.S. Mint also issued Proof coins for the collector market. The term Proof refers
to the method of manufacture and not the condition of the coin. Because of their
large size and beauty silver eagles became an instant hit with both collectors and investors. Investors buy the regular issue coins for the silver content as an
investment a hedge or to diversify their portfolio. Collectors by both the bullion
and proof versions of the coins for a myriad of reasons. They are more interested
in condition and rarity or in enhanced coins for presentation. We offer silver
eagles from around $16 to over $10,000.
What are the best coins to buy?
That depends on your objectives. If you are a collector you should consider
1995 W Proof coin in 69 or 70 condition
2008 with 2007 reverse in 69 or 70 condition
Blank planchet mint error coins (Certified)
2006 20th anniversary collection in 69 or 70 condition
2006 20th anniversary reverse Proof coin in 69 or 70 condition
1986-2009 mint state of certified Proof coins in 69 condition
2008 New die low mintage Proof coin in 69 or 70 condition