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Entry Deadline Is July 4, 2010
Westminster Mint Launches Inaugural “Tea Party” Coin Design Contest

MINNEAPOLIS, MN. , April 15, 2010 – On December 16, 1773, colonists protesting against British government taxation boarded a ship and threw large quantities of tea into Boston Harbor .  The “Boston Tea Party,” as it came to be known, was a pivotal event in the growth of the American Revolution.
More than 200 years later, a series of citizen gatherings called “Tea Parties” were organized in early 2009 to protest government spending, banking and automobile industry bailouts, and the economic stimulus package.  Thousands of these events have been held across the country over the past year, including more than 750 on April 15, 2009.  The inaugural National Tea Party Convention was held in Nashville , Tennessee , on Feb. 8, 2010, and many more “Tea Party” protests are planned for this year, especially following passage of the controversial healthcare reform bill. 
Responding to the massive interest in this subject, Westminster Mint, Inc., of Minneapolis, one of the U.S.’s largest silver bullion dealers, today announced the launch of a national contest for the design of its new one-ounce .999 pure silver “Tea Party” Coin, to be unveiled in July 2010. 
The deadline for submitting a design for this 39-millimeter coin is July 4, 2010.  The winning design will incorporate a variety of themes pertaining to Tea Parties, such as fiscal conservatism, protests, bailouts, taxes, healthcare and the national debt.

The contest is open to anyone living in the United States, designs must be submitted by mail  to Westminster Mint, 3300 Fernbrook Lane , Plymouth , MN 55447.  The grand prize for the winning design of the inaugural Tea Party Coin Contest will be $1,000 worth of .999 silver coins stamped with the winning design.  The winner will also receive the first coin off the press, as well as the hand sculpts created by sculptor Phyliss Hamilton.
Westminster Mint will then create coins featuring the winning design and sell them to the public, and will donate a percentage of the profits to local Tea Party Political Action Committees.
“We’re seeing an increased demand for silver bullion as more and more people invest in silver and gold due to the state of the economy,” said Westminster Mint President Ian Clay.  “We’re also seeing numerous requests through our custom minting division for barter coins and tea party coins. We want to mint a silver bullion coin that speaks to the growing dissatisfaction among U.S. taxpayers, as manifested by the significant number of Tea Parties that have emerged in recent years.  We believe that this coin design will draw more attention to these important issues.”