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Credit Card Payments.
All orders placed with credit cards must be shipped to the verified credit card billing address. Orders will be held until this information is verified.
Due to high levels of credit card fraud, Westminster Mint reserves the right to deny or cancel any order that does not clear/meet our credit card security requirements. Furthermore, any order that is deemed fraudulent or of suspicious origin will be reported to authorities and the responsible individual(s) may be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
Please note: for Credit Purchases our internal security department may request further information to verify your charge prior to the order being processed and shipped from our facility. This information may include a faxed copy of the credit card used at the time of purchase and/or a valid driver's license. In addition, we may request a Utility Bill or bank/credit card statement to validate the billing address associated with the charge. If this information is requested by Westminster Mint and the customer refuses to provide documentation, Westminster Mint reserves the right to cancel the order and all applicable cancellation fees apply. The customer will be responsible for the 5% cancellation fee in addition to any market loss associated with the order.
If the customer delays providing any documentation requested, your order will be delayed past the estimated processing and shipping time listed on each individual product. If the customer refuses to provide the documentation requested or fails to cooperate with the verification process, the customer will have the ability to send a bank wire transfer within 24 business hours for the order. The bank wire must be initiated within 24 business hours after receiving the approval/email from Westminster Mint. The prices will not be adjusted due to the processing fees associated with the credit card charge. If the customer refuses to send the bank wire, the order will be cancelled and the applicable cancellation fees with apply.
In addition, Westminster Mint’s security department performs routine calls to credit card companies to verify charges. Most of the time, a conference call is not required to complete the verification. If a conference call is required to verify the charge, the customer must cooperate until the verification process is complete. If the customer refuses to verify the charge on a conference call, the customer then has the option to send a bank wire for the purchase. If the charge is not verified and the bank wire payment not sent, the order will be cancelled and all applicable cancellation fees applied.