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Mint Sets

Most years since 1947, the U.S. Mint has produced a special set of coins that
represents each circulating coin design from each branch of the U.S. Mint.  The
Mint Set is contained in special packaging from the U.S. Mint, and each coin is
in original Brilliant Uncirculated condition.  The sets are designed for collectors
and are sold at a premium above the face value of the coins.
The purpose of the Mint Set is to provide a complete record of United States
coins issued for circulation.  In general, all coins from the Philadelphia Mint are
packaged separately from those from the Denver Mint.  With few exceptions,
the U.S. Mint in San Francisco has not struck coins for circulation since 1968; 
the few coins from San Francisco minted for circulation since 1968 are also
included in the Mint Sets, although the last such coins were Anthony Dollars in
1980 and 1981.
Prior to 1999, the Mint Set usually included 10 coins (Penny, Nickel, Dime,
Quarter, and Half Dollar from the Philadelphia and Denver Mints).  In 1999,
the Mint Set expanded to 18 coins to include the five State Quarters from each
Mint – but it did not include the 1999 Anthony Dollar because that coin was
struck too late in the year to be included.  The 2000 to 2003 and 2006 Mint Sets
included the Sacagawea Golden Dollar, and the 2004 and 2005 Mint Sets also
included the Westward Journey Nickels.  Starting in 2007, the Mint Set was
expanded to 28 coins to include the Presidential Dollars.
No Mint Sets were produced from 1965 to 1967 and in 1982 and 1983.  However,
Special Mint Sets were produced in 1965, 1966, and 1967 that included just one
example of each coin design instead of one from each Mint.  Other unusual sets
were the 1975 Mint Set that included the 1976 Bicentennial Quarter, Half Dollar,
and Dollar, and the 1996 Mint Set that included a special one-time-only Roosevelt
Dime struck at the West Point Mint (“W” mint mark) to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Roosevelt Dime.