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Washington State Quarter Mint Error MS65

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Item Number: NK5565
Washington State Quarter Mint Error MS65
Each year, the U.S. Mint produces billions of coins.  The vast majority are struck correctly and enter circulation or end up in collectors hands.  In order to leave the U.S. Mint facilities, the coins must pass through a series of quality control checkpoints. If a coin is found to be struck with an error in the design, or if the coining machinery malfunctions and produces misshapen or partially-struck coins, all of the coins in question are destroyed. 
However, each year a very few rogue coins manage to escape the eyes of inspectors and are accidentally released into circulation.  These error coins are highly sought after for their rarity as well as their unusual nature.  Due to their rarity, error coins can be expensive. 
This type of mint error is called a Broadstrike. These are coins struck outside of their retaining collar and are larger than coins of the same denomination. When coins are struck without being contained in the collar die, they spread out. There are various types of broadstrikes centered, off centered etc. These mint error coins would be an interesting addition to any coin collection.